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BГјrgerpark Tombola

BГјrgerpark Tombola

BГјrgerpark Tombola -

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So what is the secret behind its 30 years of success? Chinese honey has come a long way — and in January , ten containers full arrived in Bremerhaven from China.

But is it actually organic? It certainly is — Lin Zhao, managing director of Dewin, works closely with laboratories in Bremen to confirm the quality of his honey.

The proximity to these laboratories was a deciding factor in his choice of location for his business.

Wind energy, geophysics, translation, design and communication — we portray five diverse women, who have successful careers and shared their fascinating stories with us.

What is their industry and working life like? What motivates them? Why Bremen? The production line hardly ever stops at the second-largest Mercedes Benz plant in the world.

Thousands of components have to be delivered to the right place at the right time — there is no room for errors or delays. You are or want to become self-employed — but you do not know where to start?

In this video, we show you how the Unternehmensservice Bremen helps you to deal with official approval procedures, forms and funding.

Bremeninvest has announced the opening of a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City in the hope of pushing up trade cooperation in Vietnam.

The agency operates as a link between the German state of Bremen and Vietnam in two-way trade and business activities. Fatih Özdemir has furniture made in Turkey and sells it to customers mainly in Africa and the Middle East.

In theory, he could run his business from anywhere in the world, but there are good reasons why he chose to relocate to Bremen and found Brefeo Hanse GmbH.

But it is also known as a hub for logistics, science and the automotive and aerospace industries, and as a bike-friendly city that is full of green spaces.

To be honest, there is no reason to be modest, though that would be typical of Bremen too…. Investors are increasingly looking to Bremen.

For three years in a row, the city has registered record-breaking levels of domestic and foreign investment. Bremeninvest's real estate report shows what makes Bremen such an attractive location for investors.

Dr Zareer Dadachanji was not going to wait around for Brexit to happen, and has held a German passport since the beginning of the year.

He firmly believes that Brexit has no plus points. The people of Bremen have a reputation for being reserved, but nothing could be further from the truth: the locals regularly let their hair down at the many events held throughout the year.

Low property prices and a good infrastructure — logistics real estate in Bremen is the sort of thing many investors dream of.

But anyone wanting to take advantage needs to be quick, because vacant spaces are getting increasingly rare, as the real estate report from Bremeninvest shows.

Quinoa is already very popular, but hardly anyone in Europe is familiar with purple corn powder. Peruvian Alejandro Leon has founded a company in Bremen, Albrecht und R GmbH, through which he imports and export fruits and vegetables from South America, and he is a firm believer in the health benefits of eating purple corn.

Space technologies have advanced greatly in recent years, leading to increasing demands from the business and research sectors.

Buoyant mood thanks to record take-up rate, encouraging market trends and strong occupancy levels.

The Bremen property market report shows once again that the city is an attractive location for investors and developers. A Bremen-based team has been taking part in the competition with an electric racing car since , and their ambitious goal is to break into the top ten.

Part of the solution could be to grow their own grains and bake bread themselves. Bremen start-up Bake in Space is on the verge of making this vision a reality.

Is this what sales assistants of the future will look like? Bremen start-up company Blackout Technologies develops software based on artificial intelligence, unlike any other software in Europe.

Stathis Stasinopoulos was unable to find the perfect folding bicycle for his commute to work across Athens. So he developed his own.

This has given Stasinopoulos an unexpected new direction in life. The research alliance ROBEX is sending robots up active volcanoes and down into the deepest and darkest seas.

Working across disciplines, the scientists of the 16 institutes involved are breaking new ground on this project.

They have been eagerly waiting to find out what has happened to the TRAMPER diving robot, which has been exploring the deep seas around Spitsbergen for a year.

Now they are ready to bring it back. A growing number of companies are becoming more aware of their social and environmental footprint, and are looking for ways to act with greater environmental and social responsibility.

A new platform is under development and the first round of events is being planned to achieve this goal.

To Bremen, to be more precise. The Hanseatic city boasts the following five locational factors. BLG Logistics Group is a major player in logistics with 18, employees.

It established the Digilab in Bremen as a core element of its digitalisation. We talked about her role in the german-wide trade association and the challenges that an ever-changing business and regulatory environment poses for the international wind energy industry.

In June , the UK voted in favour of Brexit, and the exit negotiations are currently in progress.

Which industry sectors in Bremen will be particularly hit, and what effect will Brexit have on the Hanseatic city? FabLab Bremen invites visitors to learn about new manufacturing technologies and try their hand at everything from laser cutters to printing and programming.

Digital technology enthusiasts of all ages and programmers of all abilities are welcome here. And it is not long before they can put what they have learnt to good use.

Bremen's sweetest side is made of chocolate. Take a walk around Bremen and taste it. The founders of Mac Panther Materials, two brothers from Bremen, produce an open-cell metal foam for use in a number of different applications.

Its secret lies in the production process that is based on a brilliant and yet simple idea. An engine under the bonnet drives the wheels — this is the configuration that has been powering cars for over a hundred years.

However, wheel hub motors — i. Electric drive systems make this possible. The digital revolution has reached every branch of industry. Many of the technological trends associated with the Industrial Internet of Things originated in Silicon Valley.

Rene van den Hoevel, managing director of the German American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco, and Christoph Ranze, managing director of encoway GmbH and executive board member of the association bremen digitalmedia, explain why it is not only large corporations who should be looking closely at the epicentre of technological advancement.

In the space of just a few years, the maritime city of Bremerhaven has developed into a service centre for the seafaring and shipbuilding industry.

Bionics is the application of forms and functions found in nature to technology. A new process has been attracting attention in the food industry.

Developed by the Bremerhaven Institute for Food Technology and Bioprocess Engineering, the new method enables deep frozen fish to be defrosted in record time.

And the fish tastes as fresh as the day it was caught. For over 15 years, Jacobs University in Bremen has attracted young, talented individuals from all over the world.

Students from countries make up a community that contributes to academic achievement and produces graduates that are highly sought after by companies.

Fiona Moore is originally from Burton-on-Trent, near Birmingham, and now works as a freelance translator in Bremen. She fell in love with Bremen in her early twenties.

That was back in , but 17 years later she is still as enchanted by the city as she was on the first day. She tells us about settling in Bremen, about her family and about being fortunate to have found a home in here.

Photography studios, workshops and professional kitchens are rarely fully occupied round the clock. So why not let others share them?

The german start-up Craftspace brings together providers of production spaces with entrepreneurs, small business owners and artists on a single online platform.

A great deal of manual labour goes into aircraft construction. Despite this — or perhaps even because of it — Airbus is changing its approach to make increased use of digital technologies.

GeoSea, a subsidiary of the Belgian DEME group, is helping to construct of some of the largest offshore wind farms in the German North Sea — and in Bremen, the company has found the ideal location to carry out its work.

Art, design and people with disabilities make up the fascinating focus of the work of two young designers from Bremen.

Working together with employees from community-based workshops, they develop and improve on designs for handmade products — and are continually thrilled by the potential they see in their co-designers.

Companies wishing to access the European market should be careful about their choice of location. Brexit could result in significantly higher financial and tax burdens for UK-based companies.

Under these circumstances, setting up a base on the continent might be a better option. Find out what challenges companies will be facing.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing and ethical standards are the principles on which the fair trade clothing sector is based.

Leela Cotton, a successful German-Turkish textile company, produces clothes for children and adults that are not only stylish, but also make a positive contribution to the environment in the way they are manufactured.

Why have so many IT companies chosen to establish themselves in Bremen? We asked five key business figures and researchers from various organisations to tell us what makes the city such an attractive location for the IT sector.

The first prototype of a camera with brand new sensor technology was built in Canada and presented to industry professionals at the Ocean Business conference in Southampton, United Kingdom, in April.

The Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate is a successful business park that is currently undergoing expansion. Several major logistics companies have based themselves here, developing increasingly sophisticated processes that aim to optimise just-in-sequence production for the automotive industry.

Of all the states in Germany, Bremen has the highest density of major research institutions in relation to its population — a fact that also benefits those who study there.

It offers a range of international education opportunities for prospective academics with strong practical relevance and research activities that span a diverse range of fields.

But where do they all work? Three continents, four countries, and Bremen at the centre of it all — a start-up could hardly be more international.

The young entrepreneurs Ahmed Cheema and Stefan Kuzmanovski want to make sustainable manufacturing and the use of ethically sourced materials standard practice.

Lighter, more bespoke and more intricate: for companies open to new ideas in manufacturing and construction, metal parts produced by 3D printers present an economic alternative to conventional die cutting, rolling and milling.

Leading the way is Materialise, a company with its own metal printing plant in Bremen. Bremen has been twinned with the city of Dalian in north-eastern China since Find out more about the similarities and connections that the two port cities share.

Up to now, cricket has been very much a niche sport in Germany. But that is changing. In Bremen, a woman is calling the shots in this male-dominated sport — with great success.

Wearables and smart glasses provide hands-free digital information. A visit at the headquarter of the global market leader for Industrial Wearable Computing, Ubimax in Bremen.

Where do these investors hail from, how many jobs have they created, and what is their line of business? Our infographics provide an overview.

Now he is opening a design office in Bremen, with the aim of making it easier for Chinese products to enter the German market, and to bring German brands to China.

Keen to remain in Bremen? Then why not combine residency status with self-employment? From initial idea to successful move.

Andreas Gerber, who heads up the international relocation team at Bremeninvest, knows what international companies need to do to set up a business in Bremen.

Here he tells us about the most important steps on the Every year, the terminal handles some 2. Going it alone is rarely an easy option.

Co-working enables entrepreneurs to work in a shared space and experience the benefits and synergies that come with this.

There are nine co-working spaces in Bremen — which one is right for you? Permits and authorisations, a mountain of applications and a language barrier too.

These are just some of the difficulties you face when starting a business abroad. Geographical distance and cultural differences make it hard to relocate or start up a company in another country.

They'll do all they can to make your international business a success. In December ministers from the European Space Agency ESA member states met to determine the roadmap for the European space sector for the years ahead.

Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Bremen submitted joint recommendations. The sky is not the limit, at least not in Bremen. Aeroplane wings, Ariane rockets and Galileo satellites — Bremen is one of the leading locations in the international aerospace industry.

In Bremen won the right to host the International Astronautical Congress for the second time, after having successfully held the event in Seit seiner Gründung arbeitet der Verein unermüdlich dafür, dass ausreichende Mittel zur Verfügung stehen und die Kosten von über zwei Millionen Euro im Jahr für Parkpflege, Investitionen und Löhnen gedeckt sind.

Und auch die jährlich ausgespielte Tombola spielt hier eine unverzichtbare Rolle. Daher sei allen, die ein Los kaufen, versichert: Von diesem Loskauf profitieren die Parks und Anlagen in unserer Stadt - und die Bürgerinnen und Bürger können diese weiterhin kostenlos nutzen.

Wer sich zum Loskauf entscheidet und Glück hat, kann sich nicht nur über einen schönen Gewinn freuen. Mal stattfindet.

Offizieller Startschuss in diesem Jahr ist der 5. Februar, der letzte Verkaufstag findet am Muttertag, Mai, statt. Kennzeichnend für die Tombola ist ihr wohltätiger Hintergrund: So wird mit dem erwirtschafteten Gewinn jährlich eine wichtige Einnahmequelle für den Bürgerpark generiert.

Als private Parkanlage erhält der Bürgerpark keine öffentlichen Gelder und finanziert sich einzig und allein durch Spenden und andere freiwillige Zuwendungen.

Auch dann gibt es die Möglichkeit, an der Tombola teilzunehmen. Die ersten zweieinhalb Wochen der Aktion macht es vor dem Möbelhaus Ikea auf niedersächsischem Boden halt, ab Samstag, Wer die farbenfrohen Exemplare bereits öfter in der Hand hatte, wird vielleicht bemerkt haben, dass sie jedes Jahr ein wechselndes Motiv zieren, das auf Bremer Tradition verweist.

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BГјrgerpark Tombola

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BГјrgerpark Tombola Video

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